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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Image of Tristan Edwards

In our new series, we delve into the lives of our team and share a peek of what’s it’s like to work at BIOS. Introducing Tristan Edwards, ITx Product Lead.


“We have a hybrid home/office working policy at BIOS, but today I have a busy day ahead of me in the office so no lie-in. We have a fair few members of the team living in London, so I often meet up with one or two on the platform at King’s Cross. At the other end, I make a quick detour to Maison Clement Bakery on Hills Road for breakfast – top pain au chocolate!”

Pain au Chocolates from Maison Clement

09.15 “After grabbing a coffee I’ll scout out who’s in and plan out my day.”

09.30 “My role has recently changed so I’m meeting with Oli (CSO) and Aleksi (Strategy

Lead for Product & Technology) to understand and discuss the scientific

objectives for upcoming ITx studies; I’ll filter them down to requirements for the different engineering disciplines: hardware, software and machine learning (ML). We think of our studies in terms of data sets. We need to understand the data types, their relative resolution and the timescale to develop the experimental practice, to achieve necessary reliability, – usually between 2- 4 study cycles.”

11.00 “The daily ‘Tech Team Scrum’ comes together to review blockers and upcoming tasks. It includes the Remote Health, ITx and Calibrator cross-functional teams. Many join in on Zoom. Those in the office get together in our large whiteboarding/meeting area with the massive screen. Something unique to BIOS is having the opportunity to learn from people from completely different technical fields, and combining biological & surgical constraints into workflows and feature requests.”


Charcoal and camel coloured French bulldog - Gus, one of the BIOS mascots

“Prior to COVID people would all sit around the same table like we were having

lunch at school! But for the moment it’s more like an exam room with separated, socially-distanced tables. Despite the change, everyone’s up for a break. Lunch feels like a puppy creche as colleagues bring a growing number dogs into the office. Today Ted is having the last bits of my lunch before going out for a quick walk in the Botanical Gardens.”

14.00 “If I’m lucky, I’ll have the chance to get through a paper or two stored in one of

the hundreds of tabs open in Chrome. I have started to use Meta

( to streamline how I digest research, my go-to feeds

are currently ‘Neural Decoding’ and ‘Clinical Bioelectronic Medicine’. The

SPARC bioArxiv channel ( is also a

great source.”

16.00 “On alternating days, we come together as the ML team to review any of the

latest findings from our pre-clinical studies. Today we are looking at the vagus

nerve response to drugs used to treat chronic heart failure. We try to sew any of the findings into subsequent protocols to accelerate our research.”

19.12 “Back on the train to London. Listening to music or checking the forecast at Chapel Porth, alongside some communication with the team in Montreal. Its 2pm for them. If any colleagues are on the train, we might sneak to the King Charles on Caledonia Road on the way home.”

If you would like to read more ‘Life @ BiOS’ articles, visit our blogs page. Interested in joining us? - Check out our careers page.

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