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Paul Peter Tak

Cambridge, UK and Montreal, Canada – 5 May, 2021 – BIOS Health, a pioneer in the development of neural interfaces, has appointed world-renowned immunologist and biotechnology business leader, Paul Peter Tak, MD PhD, as an advisor.

Paul Peter Tak is currently President & CEO of Candel Therapeutics, and has previously served as Chief Immunology Officer at GlaxoSmithKline and Venture Partner at Flagship Pioneering, as well as board director of various companies including Galvani Bioelectronics. Alongside his commercial experience, Tak is an academic leader in his field and was previously Professor of Medicine and founding Chair of the Department of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology at the Academic Medical Centre/University of Amsterdam (AMC). With over 570 publications in peer-reviewed journals, his scientific work includes the discovery of the cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway in chronic inflammation, and he pioneered vagus nerve stimulation in rheumatoid arthritis patients. He received the Medal of Honour from the Netherlands Society for Rheumatology, was elected ‘Best Rheumatologist’ in the Netherlands, was awarded Honorary Membership by EULAR and has been elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in the UK. 

Paul Peter Tak, MD PhD, said "BIOS is developing technology which could bring about a step change in the way we treat chronic disease. By understanding the role of neural signals in driving diseases such as hypertension, we can greatly enhance our understanding of the way these conditions progress and deliver targeted, personalised therapies. I’m looking forward to learning more about this exciting technology and helping BIOS to realise its potential."

Emil Hewage, CEO & Co-Founder of BIOS, said: 


Paul Peter Tak is a leader in the biotech industry and we are delighted he has come on board as an advisor and are looking forward to working with him on our plans to pioneer a new class of treatments for chronic disease. His expertise in the science and strategy around neural therapy commercialisation will prove invaluable as we embark on our next phase of development.



At the end of 2020, BIOS launched its pioneering Autonomic Therapy Initiative (BIOS ATI), which will see the company work with world leading partners to deliver a new class of treatments for heart disease using AI-powered neural interfaces. Paul Peter Tak will be working with BIOS to advise on corporate strategy relating to the commercialisation of these and future neural therapies and assist in setting up partnerships to drive this initiative forward.

About BIOS Health

BIOS is unlocking the potential of the nervous system in treating chronic disease by using AI-powered neural interfaces that can automatically read and write neural signals. The human nervous system carries vast quantities of data and scientists have long known that faulty signals in the nervous system play a key role in driving chronic diseases. By understanding and correcting these signals in real time, BIOS can treat chronic illnesses in an effective, automated, and personalised way. BIOS has leveraged recent breakthroughs in AI and Machine Learning to translate the “language” of the nervous system for the first time. BIOS’ neural code is built on the world’s largest proprietary neural data set and is already in use clinically to enhance data from wearables used in remote chronic disease care. In December 2020, BIOS launched its pioneering Autonomic Therapy Initiative (BIOS ATI), which will see the company work with world leading partners to deliver a new class of treatments for heart disease using AI-powered neural interfaces

Co-founded by Cambridge University graduates Emil Hewage, a computational neuroscientist, and Oliver Armitage, a biomechanical engineer, BIOS is made up of a wide range of experts from neuroscience, machine learning, software engineering, applied biomaterials, biotechnology, and medicine. The combined experience of the BIOS team extends to over 300 peer-reviewed publications, 10+ First of kind medical devices and 6k+ clinical procedures.
Media contact

Hailey Eustace
Head of Communications

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